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Inspirational writings of Hassan Jaffer

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Media interviews with world predictions, chart analysis of celebrities, famous and infamous politicians, crime, and video tutorials by Hassan

VIP Club 9000 members have their very own personalized web site with Timelines, Charts, Hassan’s Analysis and Notes and the ability to send their feedback to be analyzed. The Lottery and Speculation page has a calendar with days marked in red and green along with the exact positive and adverse time (updated every three months in advance). The information provided in this calendar will assist you by making you aware of all your important days for business decisions, or family and health related issues etc.

Are you a leader or a Follower? A Rule Maker or a Rule Breaker? Do you simply follow the rules or are constantly having conflicts with authority figures. This self-help ebook is a must-read for the parent, athlete, coach, teacher, actor, director as all have been discussed with many illustrations and pictures of real celebrities. In a day or two, you will be amazed at how you are able to immediately assess everyone's hands and be able to predict beforehand if their Head Line is joined to Life Line or not! Your approach to life and events is the first thing you need to understand in any longterm goal. From investments to what is the best method for learning anything, you will find these points are the key to success or failure. It is also an excellent gift for your family and friends as it will transform their lives and give them a much better understanding of themselves, their children and their friends.

AstroCalendar is your Personalized website and shows your 12 Essential Life Cycles including the Moon and all the planets. From Pluto’s once in a lifetime events which transform your life, to the most inspirational areas, to your luckiest periods. A film director can plan when to release a movie, an athlete can avoid dangerous days, the best days for getting money as well as the days to avoid splurges. It is also great for planning a trip so you can avoid all the hassles. In about ten minutes, you will know how to check if you should be keeping a low profile or coming out more in the limelight, when you should publish your book or when to focus on health.

AstroCards Oracle is based on the premise that for any question you may have, there is always an answer in the Heavens.

Thousands of horoscopes from 1400 to the 21st century of Celebrties and both famous and infamous individuals.

Dont Just Look into Each Other's Eyes, Look in the Same Direction! Use Synastry to Find Your Perfect Match...Find your ideal match using sound Astro-Matchmaking principles. Balance your mutual interests and find out how you will get along with them, intellectually, physically, emotionally and much more...Astro - Matchmaking unlocks the key to successful relationships by making use of Nature’s most powerful tool - astrological compatibility or Synastry! Syn-Aster = being in harmonious relationship with the stars.

This is an approximate way to calculate your Ascendant. Find out who else was born with the same rising sign as yourself and has the same timing of events as you!

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