Astrological Highlights

Leo rising = Magnetic, charismatic, enthusiastic and proud stature

Scorpio Sagittarius on 4th = Brought up in tough neighbourhood of New York. Went to an Irish Catholic school.

Moon conj Sun = New Moon. Usually destined life. Family and career changes coincide in timing.

Moon square Jupiter = Excellent public response. Faith in God but not in priests (Saturn in Scorpio!). Did movie Sister Act about nuns.

Moon conj Saturn = Divorced parents. Depression and loneliness. Hard on self. Good for achievement. Feels for the underdog. Activist.

Mercury in Scorpio in 3rd = Sarcastic wit. Radical viewpoints.

Mercury conj Neptune = Scheming (excellent for counselling).

Venus in Sagittarius = Loves foreigners and white men! Interest in philosophy and cultural heritage. Bachelor and independent in love.

Venus trine Uranus = Sudden attractions (Ted Danson!).

Mars conj Neptune = Was a heroin addict before. Obsessive nature. Tremendous amount of creative and physical energy and drive.

Mars sextile Jupiter = Athletic and sudden bursts of energy.

Uranus in Leo in 12th = Secret love with blond white actor (Ted Danson).

Pluto in 12th (ruler of 4th) = Brought up in a convent for a while.


Detailed Analysis (Whoopi Goldberg gave me her time of birth as being "around midnight" but her time is mostly given as 12:48 pm. In the near future, I will confirm this and rezanalyze the chart if it does have Aquarius rising.

Here is the chart of one of America’s most lovable comedians who has won the hearts of millions by her down-to-earth humour. Whoopi Goldberg is a Scorpio with Leo Ascendant. She is holding her copy of my book Moon Magic 1999 for this picture!

Her Scorpio tenacity helped her in the movie business when she had many odds against her. She also never forgot her roots and remains committed to saving the underdog to this day. Leo rising gives her a certain amount of charisma and stage presence which is essential for show business.

She was born Caryn Johnson, from a clan of Johnsons and a clan of Harrises, but she made up “Whoopi” as it seemed to define her spirit better than “Caryn”! Whoopi has made many films grossing over $100 million each and her total box office gross has been over 1 billion dollars to date!

Mars-Neptune conjunction makes her an obsessive person and in fact she was a heroin addict at one point! Her Mars-Jupiter sextile helped her out of the drug habit and is a key aspect which most athletes are born with. Her Moon-Saturn conjuntion can lead to loneliness and lack of family. The fact that it is in Scorpio probably gives her some morbid thoughts from time to time. It is also reflective of her sheer determination not to give up and bounce back. This aspect also makes her want to save the underdog and become involved with radical causes.

Whenever Mars is transiting late degrees of Cardinal and Fixed signs (especially Libra and Scorpio), it makes it very dangerous for her near her home environment. These are the two transits we have discussed in this issue and she is getting them both till end of Aug.’99.

Jupiter is also moving in her 8th house from mid Feb.’99 onwards and she will probably make a lot of money and make excellent deals for both TV and films till Mar.’99. After that, Jupiter moves in her 9th house philosophy and we will probably find her book in the market!

This is a very complex chart although it looks very simple. It is the chart of an obsessive radical fanatic who is very stubborn but totally devoted to causes. The extremes of introspective self-mastery (Moon conj. Saturn) and positive high energy (Moon sq. Jupiter sxt. Mars) has enabled her to get into difficult situations and then use incredible self discipline to get out of them. We hope she will not let down her defences, avoid danger situations, fall in love and continue to help the millions with her unique brand of humour and sarcastic wit.