Natal Chart Analysis

Written Feb 2013

Here is the chart of Jennifer Lawrence, the young talented 22 year old actress who has won the hearts of millions around the world with her down to earth approcah to life and excellent performances.  Jennifer is a Leo with Venus in Leo conj Jupiter which almost guarantees her stardom right there!  Venus in Leo makes her look in her element when she wears gold and any leapord prints and she certainly has the star quality.

Mercury in Virgo makes her quite verstatile, practical in her approach to learning her craft and also gives her the critical faculty when she throws back a question at the interviewer. While Venus in Leo close to Jupiter gives her the charisma and magnetism, Mercury in Virgo trined to Neptune makes her very intuitive, trined to Saturn makes her finish what she starts, and sextile to Pluto gives her a certain amount of wisdom and the ability to make an impact in the world. She also has writing and directing ability and will influence the masses in very positive ways. Mercury sextile Pluto is a powerful aspect which also gives her deep insight in her characters without her even realizing it.

Mercury trine Mars and also having Mars in her 3rd house (communication) is indicative of her strong voice and forceful mind. However, even though the Leo planets make her stand out in a crowd, Mercury in Virgo also makes her self critical. Her quick wit is great but being frank to the point of being blunt could use some polishing from a good coach. She actually has literary talents and it wouldn't take a lot for her to have a much better command of her words.

Mercury in Virgo trined to Neptune makes her acutely sensitive to the needs of others and she must also be excellent in counselling and guiding her friends. This is a remarkable mind capable of maturing into someone who will use her celebrity to improve the lot of others and will be a fighter for the underdog and all kinds of causes. Mercury aspected to Jupiter gives her a thirst for knowledge and even languages. She learns best by osmosis and practical application of knowledge rather than theory. 

Mars sextile Jupiter is something which olympic athletes are born with and she certainly has high recuperative powers and even did bareback riding on horses while she was growing up. While Mars sxt Jupiter makes her take on big projects, Mars trine Saturn gives her lot of stamina and also the ability to keep on going long enough to accomplish something in a productive way. Mercury Saturn trine also makes her finish what she starts and gives her the perseverance she needs in life. 

Fire and Earth combination (double grand trine in Earth) makes her like a steam roller who has much more energy than normal people while still wanting new challenges all the time. This is the toughest combination and not many people can keep up with it. 

Her rising sign is Aquarius which can make her appear rather cool and aloof but the Pisces underneath makes her look somewhat vulnerable as well. Venus in her 6th house is a clear indication of being in love with actors who she meets through her work or on the set. She will always be involved with those who are glamorous and she looks up to and can show off. Although Mercury in Virgo can make one very self critical, Venus in Leo is definitely not a shy placement and in fact can make one somewhat of an exhibitionist. The Pisces part of her first house also makes her sensitive to sadness, ocean, children and the plight of seniors.


Jennifer Lawrence's Transits:

Jennifer has the same timing as President Obama and both of them are coming to the peak of public response. Saturn coming up to her 10th house of fame and recognition is still another year or so away. In fact, Saturn is on her Midheaven around Dec 2014 onwards and this is the beginning of the peak of her career which will continue well into 2016. As we know her exact time of birth, it would be very interesting following her transits as it will really show how astrology themes work. Mars in her 3rd house by birth points to her falling and tripping and hand and elbow injuries while horse riding and it makes her accident prone all the time.

With Saturn moving towards her 10th house, which is the peak of one's career, and the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in her first house putting the spotlight on
 her, and Moon in the last degree of Leo (her Sun Sign), Jennifer Lawrence won her first Oscar.  Uranus trining her Venus and Jupiter sextili
ng it also will help her both in terms of love and financial wealth. Saturn still squaring her Venus from last Oct and for another few months, it shows the testing period she has been going through in love matters (she broke up in Jan this year from her actor boyfriend of two years). Interestingly, her last relationship was with Nichloas Hoult, who is a Sag but has Venus in Capricorn and so does Bradley Cooper, the costar of her last movie.  Capricorn is not the best sign for her as it is part of her 12th house and those with Venus in Cap will only dampen her emotions while her Saturn in Cap will dampen theirs.  She needs someone who can give her lot of attention (Venus in Leo) and the best signs for her will be someone with Venus in Gem, Leo or Sag.

Saturn will oppose her Mars in Taurus from end of this year till mid 2014 and this is a major accident configuration. Her greatest fear of her ex Nicholas being involved in a bad accident on his motor cycle may be part of her intuitive side. IN a woman's chart, the accidents often seem to apply to male people around them. However, she herself will have to be very careful of her temper an accidents near the home. Hunger games may be offsetting her danger theme though as it involves life and death situations. The Saturn Mars aspect goes on for more than six months and this could very well be the type of movies she doing at that time. In fact, she is born with a wide Mars opp Pluto which is a dangerous aspect to have. However, each time Mars gets touched off e.g. by Saturn from the end of this year till mid 2014, it also makes positive aspects to her Mercury and planets in Capricorn. This is the reason why having grand trines really helps.

From June 2013 she has Jupiter squaring her Venus for almost six months. This indicates a lot of new opportunities for love even as Saturn is still making her feel lonely for a few more months. She will probably become very focussed in her work but from June onwards we expect her to get involved with some new relationship. 

Neptune in her first house is going to make her actuely sensitve to her environment while Pluto from her 11th hosue (powerful friends) trines her Mercury and makes her even more wise for a number of years. This is something she was born with and we expect her to be successful for many many years to come and to make a huge difference in the lives of others. We wish her all the best and will keep you posted about her transits.