Articles from 1996 to 2003



Ariel Sharon

Written July. 2003

Ariel Sharon is an idealistic Pisces like Osama bin Laden. They both have Mercury in Pisces. However, Sharon has more of a gangster's chart rather than a politicians. It is interesting that his policies exactly compliment George Bush's actions including the aggressive sanctions of killings of civilians and regarding them as just collateral damage. Sharon is getting a Uranus Mercury conjunction which brings people close to nervous breakdowns and makes them very erratic and unconventional.

With Uranus playing havoc to his nervous system, he is also trying to divert the attention from his scandals while Mars conjuncting his Mercury is making him very impatient and aggressive in speech and his actions. Jupiter and Saturn are helping him till Aug. 2004 by getting him the US money and support. However, Mars aspect to his Mercury and Neptune will finish by end of Nov. and his aggression and nightmare period will also finish. His generation (30's age group) is being very evasive, deceptive, and their plans will not come to fruition.

Sharon was responsible for a lot of war crimes and may Israeli pilots as well as IDF members have refused to follow his orders to bomb innocent civilians. Although end of Dec. 2003 and Jan 2004 will see a lot of military actions, the emotional torture will finish by end of Nov. 2003 as Mars goes away from Pisces and stops opposing Neptune for the 30's age group. They have wrong hunches and act upon it during this transit and their actions will come under a lot of scrutiny but only after this transit is gone. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Sharon are all under the same transit and will all have major scandals till end of Nov. 2003.




Prince Charles

Written in July 2003

Prince Charles has some excellent aspects for writing, communication, interviews and oratory skills from Jun. 2003 till Aug. 2004. He will become very philosophical during this period and will also publish some of his best works. This is also an excellent transit for major contracts and book publishing, as well as export.

He is probably the best equipped as a monarch but has events which are beyond his control thwarting his goals. His charities will flourish in 2003 and 2004 and there is still hope that he will ascend the throne by 2005.

He does not have good aspect for marriage between June 2003 and Aug. 2004 although it will make him more realistic in his expectations.

Prince William is in a major accident configuration from Oct. 2003 till end of 2004 although it may apply to his father as well.

British Monarchy

Written in 1996

I do not see Prince William as being a strong character at all (I have hardly ever seen a male Gemini to be one!). Prince Charles has a very powerful chart (but not in love matters where he is similar to Clinton!). In one of my past issues, I wrote about Royal scandals and upsets in their family whenever Mars was transiting the sign of Leo (which also coincides with wild fires!).

Mars is in Leo from 10th till the 29th of Sep.'96 indicates the Royal family again in scandals but also taking action which is long overdue. I just could not imagine why the Queen had not given the throne to Prince Charles. Now it becomes clear that the Queen, who is a very traditional Taurus , could not trust the instability of Princess Diana. The Queen will now start keeping a low profile herself and giving more authority and status to Prince Charles.

While Princess Diana is forced to keep a low profile till the Year 2000, Saturn is touching the 10th house or M.C. (Zenith) of Prince Charles. He will become much more involved with the public right after the legal matters are settled (Saturn in 9th) and focus on his career.




Benazir Bhutto

Update in July 1999

Benazir Bhutto is an extremely intelligent person who can make absolutely stupid mistakes once her emotions get involved. She has Mercury conjunct Neptune which makes it very difficult for her to separate truth from fantasy, like most politicians! She would have been fantastic as a spokesperson for the Whitehouse!

Benazir's perfect role would be as a foreign minister and ironically, General Musharraf's chart compares well with her in terms of communication. However, the general is a very straight forward person who is not into politics but making the system work for the benefit of the people. He does not really have leadership ability even though he is a Leo. His Mercury in Virgo makes him too changeable and factual and not selfish enough to get things his way.

Written in Feb. 1999

With Saturn moving towards her second house, Benazir lost her post as Prime Minister of Pakistan in Nov.'96 exactly as we had predicted. This is a time to keep a low profile for everyone till Saturn starts rising again and goes past the Fourth house. In about five years time, she will again have an opportunity to come back in power.

May and June 1999 is very stressful for Benazir and she needs to be very careful of major authority conflicts and wrong hunches backfiring on her.

Queen Elizabeth II is also going through a similar transit and should give the throne to Prince Charles now, as she goes through the same obscurity phase as princess Diana.




General Musharraf

Update in July 1999

General Musharraf is a proud Leo with the practicality of Mercury in Virgo and caring and simplicity of Venus in Virgo. He has been underestimated for his accomplishments because he is not a PR person. He is factual and statistic oriented like ex US President Jimmy Carter. The general is a very straight forward person who is not into politics but making the system work for the benefit of the people. He does not really have leadership ability even though he is a Leo, because his Mercury in Virgo makes him too changeable and not selfish enough to insist on getting things his way. Benazir will have good communication with him and has strong leadership ability but lacks clarity and cannot separate truth from fantasy. If the general was the one making policies, and ex Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was his spokesperson, they will make a fantastic team.

Both General Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto are getting excellent aspects from Jupiter for communication and contractual matters. However, Benazir will have a lot of delays till 2004 and General Musharraf will have a lot of unexpected news till end of 2004. His actions may appear erratic during this period and he will have to be careful of danger to his health as well.




President Clinton
Updated 1 Jan. 1999

President Clinton will stay in office till 19 Jan.2001 even if he is impeached! The Senate will not have the majority vote. This is also the beginning of the change in the Judicial system where the law is used to make a mockery of the taxpayers money. I wonder how many Senators would have wanted to hold the trial if they were not paid at all for the duration of the trial! The grand jury is nothing but people off the road who would never want their own secrets to be revealed to anyone. The main question may not even be asked i.e. they should never have asked the President about his personal life in the first place!

Ken Starr has a lot of disappointments throughout 1999 till mid 2000 as Saturn is conjuncting his Moon. Chairman of the Judiciary Committee to impeach Bill Clinton, Chairman Hyde, has a nightmare aspect in Feb.'99 till Aug.'99. He will probably be totally disappointed by the Senate's acquittal of the President and appalled at his high public rating! Ironically, Chairman Hyde himself had an affair for 5 years and destroyed the marriage of a couple many years ago.

Bill Clinton will bring the Middle East closest to Peace and will see his plans come to fruition between 2004 and 2008 while he is not in office.

Saturn squaring Uranus is the key to world events which indicate a break from the past. The Euro currency is doing away with the currency of many hundreds of years, moral vs liberal attitudes, cybercash vs real currency etc. are some other examples of this which will continue till the end of 2000!





President George W. Bush

Written Feb. 2003

President George W. Bush is a Cancer with Saturn also in the sign of Cancer. This gives strong protective instincts and the use of patriotism to justify emotionally biased actions. Having planets in the 12th house, this president will be known for the most subversive activities and secret agenda.

In speech and love matters, he has Mercury and Venus in the sign of Leo which gives him oratory skills, although they will not be as eloquent as Clinton at all. In fact, from 2000 till at least 2006, he will go through a very confused state and say things which are very contradictory. In fact, he will not be able to separate truth from fantasy and especially from mid 2002 till Aug. 2003, he will be manipulated easily and the neocons will play on his Mercury in Leo ego and supremacist biases to get him to wage a very aggressive policies towards the Middle East and Arabs. His "reign of terror" will end when he loses the election in Nov. 2004, but unfortunately, with Neptune clouding his thinking and making him justify disastrous wars based on his misguided spiritual inclinations, we can expect a lot of fraud and deception from this administration.

George Bush is in a major accident configuration till end of 2004 and is very susceptible to strokes. There will be major scandals starting from Sep. 2003 which will start discrediting his administration and will lead to his downfall. Saturn squaring his Moon not only shows disappointments and setbacks but also failing health of his parents and a depleting aspect for himself. George Bush does have some luck element from Sep. 2004 but it will be too late for his election success. Hardly any US President has ever won a reelection on a Saturn return, which he is getting from 2003 till 2004.



Yasser Arafat

Yasser Arafat has Saturn touching of his sensitive Mars Uranus opposition from July 2003 till August 2004. This is a major accident configuration and points to a very stressful period for him. He will have depleting health and is susceptible to head related problems including a stroke.

Arafat has Libra on his 4th house cusp (Paris the fashion capital) and he will spend time there during his last days. Fourth House is considered the last abode and where you eventually live. His wife already lives there and he will probably join her there for health reasons. Oct. and Nov. 2005 are not very good for him and although it shows traveling to Paris (Jupiter activating his natal Mars in Libra and Mars being close to his 4th house, again pointing to Paris), he will not be able to recover from the difficult time and crisis situations he would have had from July 2003 till Aug. 2004.

Saturn is moving down in Yasser Arafat's chart and he will go into an obscure phase and pass away from public eye. Ironically, the same thing is happening to George Bush from late 2005 onwards.

Although Arafat will not realize his dream of an independent Palestinian state, it will be a free country by Nov. 2008 while Pluto is still in Sagittarius.

Jean Chrétien

From AstroTrends newsletter 1996

Jean Chrétien is a Capricorn with Mercury in Capricorn like Boris Yeltsin and Mao Tse Tung! He even has a Mercury Pluto adverse aspect like them which makes him somewhat dictatorial. He is excellent at cutting short the losses but is rather dry in his approach. He will win the next election in Canada in June '97 (we had already predicted this in AstroTrends) but may develop health problems during his last two years in office.

Chrétien has excellent aspect from Jupiter from summer 2003 till summer 2004. His opinions will carry a lot of weight during this transit and he will become more diplomatic and philosophical. However, he does need to be careful of strokes in 2004 and sugar related problems.




Benjamin Netanyahu

From AstroTrends Feb 1999

Netanyahu Capricorn will loose to Ehud Barak in the upcoming elections. Barak was a soldier but is also for peace (Mars = soldier and Libra = peace!). The elections are bring held in May and Mars is in Libra in May and June 1999. There will be peace overtures all around the world during this period but July and Aug. 1999 are again violent months. Unfortunately, we don't have Barak's date of birth except that he was born in 1942. We had predicted peace in the Middle East and with Barak, there is a strong possibility. Netanyahu will keep going from one party to the other and changing his tune possible drawing most of his support from the ultra orthodox Jewish parties. However, the nation and the people want peace and Netanyahu is powerless along with all the orthodox rabbis in bringing a peaceful solution starting this year. (1st May 1999).

Netanyahu has Mercury conjunct Neptune in Libra, the hallmark of a politician who cannot separate truth from fantasy. He is extremely bright but erratic (Mercury sq. Uranus conj. Neptune). Mercury Neptune conj. is a very deceptive aspect to have and makes people rationalize their actions. He is very charming (Mercury sextile Venus) and quite daring (Mars in Leo) but probably has two sides to him. The first being a hot tempered erratic personality who has no patience for slow thinkers. The other side ironically wants peace. Yet his statements have always been quite radical. He will make a complete turn around and try to satisfy every party (Mercury in Libra).

Jupiter squaring his natal Mercury gives him an edge in elections and throughout next year, he has Jupiter sextiling his Mercury and Venus indicating a lot of luck with his policies. If he wins, which is quite likely given the disappointments in Peres's chart, he will probably make some conciliatory statements to appease all sides. He will take some harsh measures against Hamas around Sep. to Oct. and then make major treaties in 1997 when Jupiter sextiles his Mercury (turning him into a preacher!). He has a good chart but the unpredictably of Mercury/Uranus sq. and unreliability of Mercury/Neptune conj. makes him a perfect candidate to be used by all sides. He will continue with the Peace Process but put in a lot of meaningless legal clauses to keep all sides happy.




Shimon Peres

Predictions from AstroTrends June 1996 (written in May 1996)

Shimon Peres has Saturn opposing his natal Moon which is not a good omen for public response. It also indicates disappointments till end of 1997. His generation (those born in the 20's) are all experiencing a Mars/Neptune opposition from the last two weeks of May till the first two weeks of June 1996 (they will get a similar transit from end of Sep. till mid Oct. '96. This is the time when people have wrong hunches and act upon them and it backfires and the worst nightmares come true!

He will either lose the election or be very close to it. Unfortunately, we do not have the time of birth of either of the candidates. This makes it very difficult to make predictions except based on the transits of major planets. Knowing the time of birth helps us understand which houses the planets are transiting in. One may have an accident configuration but only when it comes to money matters. Another person with the same chart could have exactly the same transit but have his house robbed because Mars was transiting the Fourth house.




Boris Yeltsin

Sep. 1998 is very stressful for Boris Yeltsin both for USSR's economy as well as for his health. He has Mercury in Capricorn in adverse aspect to Pluto like Mao Tse Tung. This makes him very dictatorial and always wanting to get things his way. He has been under a Mars/Neptune transit from Oct.'96 which continues till mid. Jun.'97. Everyone born in the 30's has been going through this mentally stressful period. He has a lucky Jupiter Mercury transit from Mar.'98 onwards which should help him in communication and public approval. He may even write a book although he is not intellectual at all. Gorbachev will probably write a book this year as he is very intellectual and is also getting Mercury/Jupiter transit this year till Feb.'98.

1999 is a very difficult for Boris Yeltsin in terms of health and especially heart (Feb.'99 till Aug.'99). The Chechnyan Republic will also give him a lot of headache.